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Kickboxing DVD Workout - Muay Thai Boxing fitness videos - Cardio exercises

Do you want to have a fit body, physical strength and endurance?

Eflt-Online DVD
Fut burning

-200cal. / 30min.


Punching, Kicking, Elbows


Perfect cardio!

Eflt-Online DVD
Start building your body right now:
GET DVD FOR $14.95
Start building your body right now!

Body improvement

Body improvement
  • The final exercise burns 200cal. for 30 minutes
  • Improving blood circulation of your body
    (Increased attention, vivacity, healthy skin)
  • Creation of natural body reliefs
  • Relaxing of joints (light body effect)

Effective Self-defense

  • The secret basis of all strikes
  • Visual thinking development
  • Punches, elbows, kicks, knee-strikes technique
  • Formation of strikes trajectories
Self defense

Perfect Cardio

  • Increase in stamina
  • Strengthening of blood vessels
  • Toning effect
  • Lightness of movements effect

Amazing results of Jennifer Costa

Before After

Jennifer Costa, 28 years

Children, stressful work, household issues blinded me. I completely forgot about my health and appearance. Once I stood on scales and was horrified. 167 lbs.

I immediately began to look for solutions. More could not go on like this. This lesson was recommended to me by my brother. I already tried to deal with many other courses, but they were all boring and inefficient. But what was described in this DVD drove me for a long time and I can not stop now. This is a miracle!

I studied all the exercises and do them every day. And now I feel confident, my body is always toned and I do any job 2 times faster. I definitely recommend this lesson for study. Nothing like this you will not find!

Amazing results of Thomas Hill

Thomas Hill, 29 years

I lived like an ordinary person. I ate everything when I wanted, I spent a lot of time with the television and I understood that this can not go on, but I could not bring myself to act. But one day I found this lesson and it changed my whole life. My first glance was: "Wow! This is something new!"

And since that moment, I've done exercises with DVD. I could not stop. It inspired me and in the second week I saw the first results. I became more attentive and active throughout the day. The skin became healthier. My wife immediately noticed changes in me and in my body. Certainly this is the best DVD!

Before After

Demo video

  • clock.svg 24 minutes of teaching material
  • hd.svg HD DVD video quality
  • voice-over.svg Professional voice-over
  • mistakes.svg Work on typical mistakes

What skills and qualities do you get?

1. Fit body

healthy skin color and natural body reliefs

2. Speed

any action: movement, attack, counterattack...

3. Cardio

increasing of stamina and correction of breathing

4. Freedom

removal of physical clamps - relaxation of the psyche and increased speed of movements

5. Coordination

primary adjustment of the body as a single mechanism

6. Percussion technique

any limb: arms, legs, elbows and knees

7. Principles of strength

development of the main sources of strength of the human body

8. Internal attention

for the education of the feeling of the subtleties of the work of the body
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If within 30 days you will not be satisfied with the result, then just tell it to our e-mail: info@eflt-online.com and we will refund 100% of your spended money. We are confident in the effectiveness of our program. Therefore, we provide the 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.
GET DVD FOR $14.95